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Your Behind-The-Scenes Look At The 
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For the first (and probably last) time ever… 9 of the world’s most stunningly successful marketing visionaries pull back the curtain to show you exactly how to create an endless sea of customers… multiply your income into another tax bracket… and create limitless personal and professional freedom…
…and all you have to do is decide where
you want your copy delivered.
Now includes exclusive audio commentary from Founder, Todd Brown!
Hey, Tim Castleman here and I have a question…
If Todd Brown - the infamous “secret weapon sales surgeon” aggressive-growth businesses keep on speed dial - called you up tomorrow and said:
Todd Brown
MFA Founder
“I want to help you grow your business - can you tell me where you’re at right now?”

What would you say?
Would you say:

“I’m really just getting started. I know I want to have a successful online business… but I don’t really know the best way to get traffic or turn people into customers.”

Or would you reply:
“I’m getting new customers every day and I’m so glad you called because I’m ready to scale this baby! I’m making decent money, but I want to double it… quadruple it… 10X it by this time next year!”
If your answer would sound something like any one of those, I’ve got some amazing news— maybe the best you’ll hear this year:
If you didn’t already know Todd Brown’s track record, his resume includes colossally high-status names like Rich Schefren and Agora Financial.
Todd’s never been “just another consultant.”
He’s who those giant names call when they want a king-size injection of profits (like, more than the GDP of some developing nations).
So when Todd Brown puts on an event, mobs of people pay hand-over-fist to hear what he has to say…

...and that’s BEFORE he invites his high-profile, world-class business builder buddies!

This year, he’s assembled a “who’s who” of 9 leading marketing experts… and they’ve all got advice you can IMMEDIATELY put to work getting where you want to go!

And it gets better—
You don’t have to go anywhere…
You don’t have to be nervous about saying the wrong thing or making a bad impression…
You don’t even have to get out of bed if you don’t want to…
They’ll come to you. Wherever and whenever you want. As often as you want. In whatever format you best suits you.

I’ll explain in a minute, but first—
For The First - And Probably Last Time Ever…
Take A Look At The Masters Of Influence Todd Brown
Has Brought Together For MFA Live 2017
The guest list at MFA Live 2017 was the definition of “exclusive.” These massively-successful individuals gathered in Orlando, FL for one reason…
…to help YOU make more money.
But if that’s not what makes them a standout panel worth devoting your undivided attention to? Their professional pedigree speaks for itself…
Todd Brown
Clayton Makepeace
Brian Kurtz
Rich Schefren
Molly Pittman
Mike Filsaime
Ryan Levesque
Jon Benson
Dave Dee
Needless to say, tickets to MFA Live 2017 were a white-hot commodity. Regardless of where they were with their business - just starting out... working to level up... or at the top of their game - business owners doubled down on their success and scrambled to make sure they were in attendance.

I know because I was one of them. I saw it all firsthand.

And with your permission (and the strictest confidence that you'll keep this information to yourself), I'd like to send you a copy of my MFA Live 2017 event notes.

These notes are the complete “Cliff’s Notes” on the explosive enlightenment handed down over 3 days in Orlando.

I mean stuff that these people won't release to the general public for YEARS... if they ever do.

They very well may not.

Putting it out there for people who don't respect the sheer potency of their experience would not only devalue this information... it would be a cheat to so many of their clients who have spent THOUSANDS just to get little nuggets here and there.

Todd Brown - the founder of MFA and one of the most sought-after architects of rapid scale in the world - trusts me to get this into only the best hands and minds who couldn't be at MFA Live 2017...

Which means you get--
The Same World-Class Education
At A FRACTION Of What Everyone Else Had To Pay
(Including Me!)
Here, in specific detail, is just some of what the presenters at MFA 2017 revealed in Orlando…
The “Magic Number” (only made public by Todd Brown at MFA Live 2017) that breaks the code to surefire rapid growth and revenue in your business! (If this one number isn’t behind every marketing decision you make, you WILL cripple your own success - maybe even for years!)
World-renown copywriter Clayton Makepeace shows you the irresistible allure of the “Dominant Resonant Emotion” - your psychological “back door” into the mind of your prospects to make them happier to give you their money than you will be to earn it!
Brian Kurtz - former Vice President of Boardroom, Inc. and THE authority on list building & monetization - delivers with the management method he’s personally used to turn every name on a list into $7 - $12 every month of the year!
Rich Schefren - “The Business Guru Behind Most Of The Biggest Names In Online Marketing Today” - shows you the down-and-dirty truth behind how you can become a “guru” in your market in a matter of weeks!
Molly Pittman, Vice President of Digital Marketer, provides a proven and duplicatable traffic plan to bring in new customers TODAY!
Internet marketing legend Mike Filsaime shows you how to generate up to 200% in additional sales after a live webinar… WITHOUT offering a replay or a recording! (And what to do instead!)
The 11 words Ryan Levesque - creator of the ASK Method - insists on adding to every lead generation page!
Jon Benson - creator and pioneer of the video sales letter - unveils the secret structure behind the most profitable emails of the past decade… and shows you exactly how to copy them to make people think they’re brand new!
Dave Dee (Dan Kennedy’s “Right Hand Man” and former Marketing Director for GKIC) has a simple structure you can use to sell more of your products in a single day… than you did all last year!
As you can probably imagine, getting in to MFA Live wasn’t cheap.

Demand was so high for this event that the event planners set up price tiers depending on when you bought your tickets.

We knew we were going so our tickets cost $497… and people who waited ‘til the last minute ended up spending $997!

That doesn’t account for…
4 Night Hotel Stay
I spent $1,458.60 for my whole team to make it out to Orlando, FL.
Which comes to a grand total of $2,622.60
Needless to say, only a relative few people can realistically afford to make it to this huge event.

But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this singular opportunity to learn the tested and proven, hyper-effective secrets of the 9 marketing masters at MFA Live 2017…

I’ve got you covered.

In fact… I’ve got the deal of a lifetime…
  •   An exclusive look at the new acquisition strategies multiplying customer sales for even the most low-key businesses…

  •           An immediately actionable way to double… triple… even quadruple the profits you get from new and old customers… with a twist on the common back-end marketing methods…

  •   Access to the powerhouse knowledge, skills, tools, and strategies that have transformed even average entrepreneurs into multi-millionaire titans in their field with staggering speed…

  •            And more!
Oh. So much more.

Things like…
The “24-Hour Traffic Trigger” - revealed by Todd Brown - that average marketers in your niche will NEVER be able to afford… but you can put to work (at a profit!) and see real results from within just 24 hours!
Clayton Makepeace’s almost-unbelievably easy and effective way to create instant trust in your prospects… even if you have no track record… a distinct lack of authority… and zero credibility in your market!
How Brian Kurtz turns ordinary email leads into ravenous devourers of content who will drop everything the moment they see his name in their inbox… and the fastest and most effective way to do the same for your marketing messages!
UNKNOWN? Use Rich Schefren’s trick to become an instant authority expert within 25 seconds from the start of any marketing campaign!
Molly Pittman has 4 simple numbers you need to know so you never again have to wonder about when you need to “trim the fat” from your campaigns and when you need to scale!
Mike Filsaime’s discovery of the “Ultimate Webinar” close even the greenest and most timid presenters are using to turn webinars into hefty paydays!
The one simple question Ryan Levesque asks new customers in the very first email to make them fall head-over-heels in love with him and do his bidding!
Cut your writing time by up to 75% with tested and proven Jon Benson’s “Email Themes”!
PLUS! Dave Dee tells you how 5 hours of work can results in a MONSTER DAY of sales… as often as you choose… at least 15 times a year!
And remember what I said before:

This is the kind of information the guests at MFA almost NEVER release in other products or courses.

If they do, they usually wait YEARS until the potency has started to wear off and the general public at large can finally handle the lukewarm versions…

If you want this insight red-hot and fresh - at the height of its potency and effectiveness…

You need to get the MFA Live 2017 event notes.

And here’s the best part…

I paid $2,622.60 to get these notes…

Meanwhile - if you act NOW - you only have to pay...

But you have to hurry - that price is good for TODAY ONLY!

The price tag on this offer increases every day.

(Yeah, it’s that big of a deal.)

I think you can see why this is a can’t-miss, no-brainer you’d be… less-than-smart not to act on IMMEDIATELY (before the price goes up to something more reasonable)…

But I want you to take a look at what you’ll be getting:
As you can probably tell, we don’t let anything slip through the cracks.


You get to stay home…

You get to save your money…

And you get to put our notes to work for your business on YOUR schedule.

Even better— we spend an entire week cleaning up and formatting our event notes so you can search for exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

I think it’s more than fair to say that our notes are the next best thing to being there…

…especially when you consider the fact that you only have to spend...

CUSTOM JAVASCRIPT / HTML get what a virtual army of people just like you spent anywhere from $497 to $997 to hear in person at MFA Live 2017.

Curious what people who’ve bought my notes in the past think about the extraordinary amount of value packed into every page? Take a look:
97% Satisfaction Guarantee
I can’t in good conscience say to you, “Here’s my 100% satisfaction guarantee,” when you’re not getting 100% of the experience.

The truth of the matter is, you’re not getting everything.

Our notes are not the full event experience… and that’s a good thing.
Instead of having to travel, you can stay home…
Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars, you only have to spend...
Instead of inevitably missing out on something you would have liked to hear, you get all the valuable takeaways from every speaker…
And instead of having to fit your life around MFA Live 2017’s schedule, you can fit MFA Live into your life - whenever and wherever is most convenient for you.

When you compare the price we ask to $997 (or even just $497 if you got in early), I think you’ll see… if you only take ONE game-changing idea from the MFA Live 2017 event notes… you don’t need a guarantee.

Because you’ve got nothing to lose.
Pre-Order Your Copy of The MFA Live 2017 Event Notes
(WARNING: The Demand For These Notes Is So High, The Price Will Raise DAILY!)
It Really Shouldn’t Be This Easy To Make a 
Multi-Million Dollar Transformation In Your Business
But, With My MFA Live 2017 Event Notes, It Is!
One of the single biggest mistakes people make - that ends up costing them dearly almost every time - is thinking they have to personally provide every answer their business needs.
That’s partially true: It is your responsibility…

…but you won’t get very far if you confuse owning that responsibility with doing it all yourself.

It’s not admitting defeat or showing weakness to acknowledge the value of others… or to take advantage of expertise you don’t have right now.
That’s why Todd Brown created MFA Live to maximize the experience and education of those who’ve been where you’re trying to go…

…so you can save HUGE amounts of time, money, and frustration getting there yourself!
For the last 5 years, me and my team of expert note-takers have built a sterling reputation for taking the most complete and extensive notes at events like MFA Live.

We’ve created Traffic & Conversion Notes… Funnel Hacking Live Notes… Converted Notes… and much more.

And we’ve been authorized as the official note-takers at these events because we go the extra mile to organize it all into an easy-to-use, easy-to-search, ready-to-roll format.

I think it’s more than fair to say our notes are the next best thing to being there…
…for an insane discount off of what you’d pay to go in person.

If you think you’ve tried everything and your business STILL isn’t growing the way you know it could…
If you’ve reached the point where you’re obsessing over whether or not your products or services are even good enough…
If you feel like you’ve gone as far and done as much as you can in your business, but still want more satisfaction out of your work…

You need the MFA Live 2017 event notes.
But remember: You’ll only be able to pre-order these notes for a limited time… and the price is going up every day while you wait!
Order Your Copy of The MFA Live 2017 Event Notes
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